When I first left my job without the help of Pink Slip Prep School, I felt so lost without how to sustain myself as a business owner. I went back to work, then ended up losing that job. I knew this was a sign, but I also knew that I could not do it on my own this time. I knew I needed to see results and I needed them QUICKLY! 

In came Raevyn and Pink Slip Prep School....

I attended one of their events back in 2014 and immediately after I became a private coaching client. Within the first 30-45 days of working with them, Raevyn literally walked me step-by-step through what I needed to say on the call with a potential client to get them to become an actual client. From that point on, I saw a major increase in my revenue. Raevyn is not just a great coach with amazing resources, she goes the extra mile for her clients. There were many times while in the program that Raevyn would take extra time to walk me through something right before a sales call or major marketing plan. The accountability and direct support was priceless. 

The best thing I got from the program was a really solid plan to generate clients consistently which in turn made my revenue increase consistently. I am finally able to sustain financially as my own boss! This helped me gain confidence to operate in my worth and be more selective about the clients that I take on, and increase my rates when necessary. 

If you have been looking for the resource to help you not just become self-employed, but STAY self-employed, Raevyn is all you need. My income is still constantly increasing thanks to strategies I learned in the program years ago! 

Tiffany Gillespie, To The T Events