Before joining Pink Slip Prep school I had been following Raevyn on social media for quite some time. I was a subscriber on her email list and always took advantage of the free tools that she offered. I have always known that I had a purpose much bigger than a 9-5; I just needed help with HOW to get from where I was to where I wanted to be. Raevyn provided that for me. Even the free tools that she provided prior to joining gave me so much more knowledge and insight than I already had. I just knew that if the free stuff was that valuable, I was definitely more than ready to make an investment in her program. 

That was without a doubt the best decision I could have ever made for my business and I will be registering for another one of her programs soon. Since being in Pink Slip Prep School, I have become a totally new woman. I have not just grown as an entrepreneur, but as an individual. What I appreciate the most is how Raevyn invests so much into the transformation of her clients. There are a lot of coaches out there who just sell bundles of 'stuff' and don't really take the time to develop their clients. Raevyn takes pride in the success of her clients and it shows. I brag about Pink Slip Prep School all of the time because I know that all of the successes I have achieved are a direct reflection of what I learned in the program. 

I now have a clear marketing strategy, multiple streams of revenue for my business, and on track to leave my 9-5 within the next 6 months. Most importantly, I have the utmost confidence in myself as an entrepreneur. I no longer doubt myself or am hesitant to go after what I want. I am now playing chess and not checkers. I definitely thank Raevyn for that! 

Tatum Harrison, The Queen Academy