I went from being a struggling "wantrepreneur" making no money- to a thriving entrepreneur. When I started the program my income was very very low, I didn't even make 4 figures. I had been  a full time entrepreneur for a year and a half and I had yet to make $1000 in a month. I was lacking confidence because I did not have the profit to show for how great I was, and in came Raevyn. She helped me build my confidence, market my butt off, and sell like hot cakes. 

I went from no clients to a nearly booked up coaching program. I have more clients than I know what to do with and am on a 30 city tour going to cities I have never been to, serving some amazing women. I now have more money and way more time! 
Raevyn also gave me a platform for my business. Biggest takeaways were marketing and sales. She still partners with me so I love that she believes in her students enough to share her community with us. My prices have gone up and thanks to the sales techniques I learned at Pink Slip Prep School, people actually pay them! 
Raevyn leads by example and these are the exact same strategies she uses in her business. Best investment I ever made! I would not be in business right now if it was not for Raevyn. 

Annie White, Sick of Single